What damages teeth?

What damages teeth?

Wondering what is damaging your teeth? Apart from sugar, inadequate oral hygiene, the list goes on to include birth defects, disease, and stress! Read our article and find out what to do to look after your smile.  

Birth defects - treat them as soon as possible! 

If your bite has congenital defects, despite the best oral hygiene, you need to take care of your orthodontic treatment.  Why? You are exposing your smile to wear and tear. As is the case with diseases such as bruxism. Don't put it off! The sooner you act, the less likely it is that your teeth will be ruined. 

Read more about bruxism: "Bruxism, or teeth grinding - where does it come from and how to get rid of it?". 

bacteria damage teeth

What damages your teeth? Watch out for bacteria and stress!

It has not been known for a long time that good oral hygiene is essential. So you need to remember to brush and floss. This is the only way to get rid of bacteria on an ongoing basis.  

Otherwise you are putting your smile at risk of, among other things, a stone - The plaque that builds up on your teeth when food remains in your mouth. Read more on this topic: "Tartar on teeth - find out how it affects your health". 

Another of the enemies of your teeth is sugar. In excessive amounts, it causes tooth decay or discolouration, among other things. If you are a sweet tooth, you should try to change your eating habits a little. What's more, the acids in sweets (sweets, jelly beans, sugary drinks) and alcohol change the chemical structure of your enamel, so it can erode! Read more on this topic: "Enamel erosion - what is it? How can it be prevented?". 

stress damages teeth

Dreaming of a healthy smile? Overcome stress! Wondering what you do during stress that is so damaging to your teeth? Factors such as dry mouth during an adrenaline rush to the level of muscle tension in your neck are significant. We have prepared an article on this topic: "Stress affects your teeth! Learn simple habits that will improve your day and your smile". Be sure to read it! 

What else is worth paying attention to? If you have eaten citrus fruit before brushing time, do not brush your teeth straight away! Rinse them with water first and wait at least half an hour. If you do otherwise, you will rub acids into your teeth which will damage the enamel. 

Sick? Don't forget your teeth! 

What damages teeth? Diseases! And just as diabetes is no surprise here, you will be surprised to learn that teeth are spoilt even by the common cold. A weakened body is unable to fight bacteria, hence the greater risk of inflammation of various kinds. 

During illness, it is also not uncommon to consume medicationwhich are not indifferent to the health of your teeth. Therefore, avoid tetracycline antibiotics as much as possible. Make sure that such drugs are not administered to your little one if he is under 8 years of age. Here, the changes will be irreversible! Read more on this topic: "Drugs and diseases that spoil teeth". 

What damages teeth?

Living in the UK? Take care of prevention 

Prevention is not just about avoiding errors in oral hygienebut also making sure that you visit your dentist frequently enough. The dentist will be able to control any inflammation, order treatment or place a filling before root canal treatment is necessary. 

Remember - your oral health is in your hands. Don't put off appointments or rely solely on trips to the country. Contact us and arrange your first visit to the Polish dentist in the UK