Crooked teeth - causes and how to get rid of an embarrassing smile

Crooked teeth - causes and how to get rid of an embarrassing smile

A smile straight out of Hollywood - that's what everyone dreams of, and even if they don't, they wouldn't be angry if they had one. But what if your teeth are crooked and nothing like those of the stars? Rest assured that you can change it.

Causes of crooked teeth - back to childhood

The most common cause of crooked teeth is milk teeth, or more precisely the fact that they fell out too early. As a consequence, permanent teeth grew unevenly and not always in the right place and direction. Another reason may be that these milk teeth were not removed when it was necessary, for example, when a tooth was broken or moving. The permanent tooth then erupted in the nearest free space, e.g. above the milk tooth.

But it's not just milk teeth that are to blame. Even adults with beautiful smiles can develop the problem of crooked teeth. This is caused by the eighths, which push against the teeth in the arch causing them to become compressed. A tooth eruption can also cause a problem. If there is a gap/break, the tooth above or below will start to protrude out of the bite line.

The consequences of crooked teeth include dental treatment

Crooked teeth and their consequences

Malocclusion and crooked teeth are not only an aesthetic nuisance for their owners. It often also affects their mood and self-esteem. Such people do not always feel confident in company and are reluctant to smile.

But that's not all. Crooked teeth can have serious health and financial consequences.

  • Firstly, if your teeth are crowded you will certainly find it hard to clean them thoroughly. Unfortunately, this can result in bacterial growth, decay and therefore expensive dental treatment. Then there's inflammation and gum disease. And then there is the unpleasant mouth odour, which is a consequence of not taking thorough care of your oral hygiene.
  • Secondly, crooked teeth and malocclusion are often associated with speech defects and even facial deformities. In addition, the enamel is weakened, such teeth are more brittle and more prone to injury, which again involves much more frequent visits to the dentist's office.

Straight teeth like a Hollywood star

So what can you do to stop covering your mouth with your hand every time you smile sincerely? First of all, don't delay and make an appointment with an orthodontist right away. Similarly, if you are a parent, take your child to the dentist's office - earlier diagnosis of malocclusion and orthodontic treatment will save your little one problems in adulthood.

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The most popular method of correcting malocclusion and straightening teeth is braces. Another solution may be veneers, which are overlays on the teeth. If this is the ideal solution for you simply because you are embarrassed to walk around with braces at your age, be sure to read on.

Crooked teeth don't have to be a source of shame

The camera is for a teenager

This is unfortunately still a common belief among many adults. On the one hand, they think that braces won't help them anymore, on the other hand, they are simply ashamed.

This is wrong and, what is worse, harmful thinking. Experts agree that there is no upper age limit from which it no longer makes sense to treat malocclusion or straighten crooked teeth. The only difference in this case between children and adults is time. Treatment for adults may take longer because the older we are, the harder our bone tissue is.

Currently on the market there is a mass of different orthodontic appliances, ranging from classic metal ones, through ceramic and porcelain ones with transparent brackets, and even appliances which are fitted on the subgingival side. An alternative to fixed braces are removable braces which can be removed at any time, e.g. for a meal or a thorough cleaning of the teeth.

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You think to yourself "ok, I may need a camera, but it's a big expense" and you're right. However, it doesn't have to be as hard on your budget as you think. How is this possible? All you need to do is to spread your orthodontic treatment over instalments, up to 12 months they are at an interest rate of 0%, meaning you only pay back the amount you have borrowed.

Want to learn more - read our article "Teeth on credit: dental treatment on hire purchase„. Importantly, our instalment system is 100% secure and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA number 619628).

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