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Dentures, bridges and crowns allow you to enjoy a beautiful smile again and, most importantly, improve your quality of life.

Prosthetic treatment begins with a consultation, during which the most favourable solution for the patient is selected. In our practice we have intraoral scannerWe have thus eliminated the unpleasant procedure of taking an impression. At the same time, we can guarantee that the dentures, crowns and bridges we prepare will fit perfectly.

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Dr Karolina Maluga
Dentist - Oral surgery, implants

Dr Karolina Maluga

Dr Maluga-Siek is a graduate of the Medical University of Lublin, from which she graduated in 2001 with a diploma in dentistry. Since then, she has continually expanded her knowledge of dentistry.

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Crowns and bridges are among the fixed prosthetic restorations, i.e. they are permanently placed on the teeth and cannot be removed without the help of a dentist. All fixed prosthetic restorations can be divided into two groups: single-unit restorations and multi-unit restorations. Single-unit restorations only reconstruct a single tooth - mainly its crown, whereas with multi-unit restorations it is possible to reconstruct several missing or damaged teeth in the vicinity by placing a bridge based on the teeth limiting the gap.


Each bridge consists of pillars, which are the teeth lying directly against the gap it is intended to fill, and a span, which is the part between the pillars. The pillars and the span are attached to each other using abutments. Both the span and the pillars are called bridge members. The extent of the prosthetic restoration is determined by the number of members; the total number of members is the number of pillars + the number of restored missing teeth.

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Prosthetic crowns are commonly used restorations for single damaged teeth where further treatment by placing fillings is not possible. Crowns are classified according to several characteristics; common divisions take into account the extent covered by the restoration and its volume, the relationship of the crown to the periodontal tissues, and the material from which the restoration is made.

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Types of prostheses offered

Skeletal dentures

  • denture framework dentist uk
  • dentist skeletal dentures

Acrylic dentures

  • acrylic denture
  • acrylic dentures

Flexible dentures

Thanks to the cooperation with the Polish laboratory "Butterfly Laboratory" located in the UK, we are pleased to offer you flexible dentures from Bredent. Bredent's flexible dentures are characterised by being: anti-allergenic, providing great comfort of use and high mechanical resistance to fracture. READ MORE

Price list of services

Acrylic denture 1 tooth£150
Acrylic denture 2-5 teeth£350
Acrylic denture 6-14£400
Skeletal denture 1-3 teeth£450
Skeletal denture 4-10 teeth£600

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