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Thanks to the cooperation with Polish Butterfly Laboratory" located in the UK, we are pleased to offer you flexible dentures Bredent. Bredent's flexible dentures are characterised by:

  • are anti-allergenic;
  • give great comfort;
  • have a high mechanical resistance to fracture.

Below is a table that shows the difference between the classic elastic material (nylon) and Bredent's modern material (polyamide).

Flexible dentures - comparison

Classic flexible nylon prosthesisBredent flexible denture
What choice do I have?Partial prosthesis only.Partial denture, full flexible denture, transparent metal-free frame denture, transparent or tooth-coloured denture, transparent or tooth-coloured brackets.
What is it made of?Nylon.Flexible, highly durable made of polyamide.
How do I look after my dentures?Requires regular cleaning in an ultrasonic cleaner and special cleaning tablets.Simply wash in warm water. A toothbrush can also be used when cleaning. The denture does not "soak up" like a nylon counterpart.

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