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Porcelain crowns (prosthetics) are frequently used restorations of single damaged teeth where further treatment by placing fillings is not possible. Crowns are classified according to several characteristics; common divisions take into account the extent covered by the restoration and its volume, the relationship of the crown to the periodontal tissues, and the material from which the restoration is made. Crowns can be placed on some teeth with large filling areas and on teeth after root canal treatment - fibreglass studs are used to strengthen their structure.

  • partial crowns, which are used to cover only part of the clinical crown of a tooth
  • sheathing crowns, which are used to cover the entire crown of a tooth
  • complete crowns, i.e. studded teeth, which serve not only to cover but also to restore the core of a damaged tooth.
  • subgingival crowns that penetrate into the gingival pocket
  • endodontic crowns that only extend to the gingival margin
  • supragingival crowns, which are located above the gingival margin
  • stepped crowns - require a step when grinding the crown of the natural tooth
  • non-eastern crowns - for which a stepped crown is not necessary.

(I) homogeneous crowns - are manufactured from only one type of material

  • metal
  • ceramic
  • composite
  • acrylic

II) composite (cosmetic) crowns - manufactured from more than one type of material, where the visible side is faced with materials that mimic the colour of the natural tooth to provide high aesthetics, the group of composite crowns includes:

  • crowns faced with ceramics, e.g. porcelain
  • acrylic veneered crowns
  • crowns faced with composites
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The choice of the type of crown depends on the conditions in the patient's mouth, the location of the crown - for the restoration of visible teeth, aesthetics are particularly important, while for teeth that are not very visible, mechanical strength is particularly important; the decision on the type of crown also depends on the financial possibilities of the person treated. Each type of crown requires different tooth grinding and the use of different fixing materials.

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