Removal of braces and what next?

Removal of braces and what next?

It has happened! Many months of treatment have been successfully completed. It's time to remove the braces. And what happens next? Although it might seem otherwise, this is not the end. The next step on the way to a straight smile is retention. Otherwise, your teeth may reposition themselves anew. Find out more. 

Retention - what does it mean? 

Retention is called the final stage of orthodontic treatment. This is where your orthodontist makes sure that the long-term wearing of braces is not in vain. 

To this end, I am preparing another camera for you - This time it is the retention one - which will ensure that the teeth stay in place. As you already know, removing braces is not the end of the story! 

retention braces in the UK

Types of retention appliances

Like orthodontic ones, retention braces are divided into fixed and removable braces. The first type is a thin wire that the orthodontist attaches to the back of your teeth. This is by far the most comfortable solution - you don't have to remember to put them on - although it can cause some discomfort at first. What's more, it makes it somewhat more difficult to maintain good oral hygiene - so you'll need to make a special effort to floss or consider buying a irrigator

Why do we pay attention? Good oral hygiene is crucial to maintaining healthy teeth. So keep an eye on regular appointments, remove tartar and brush and floss at least twice a day. Read: "(Not) proper oral hygiene - the 10 biggest mistakes". 

Back to the types of retention. The second is removable retention - and here you may encounter a plate and a positioner. The former is structured and reminds patients of removable braces. The plate is worn for the night and for the day - for as long as possible. The advantage of this solution is that it is easy to maintain oral hygiene. However, patients find it difficult to speak at first and often forget to put it on for the day. This should happen as infrequently as possible - regularity is the key to success! 

The positioner, on the other hand, looks like an overlay used during the teeth whitening. It is individually fitted to the patient. This solution is chosen as it is more comfortable because it has no part adhering to the palate. Because of its translucent colour, it is also less visible than a retention plate. 

Read more in our article: "Retention braces in the UK - key information". 

Removal of braces

Removal of braces - how long does retention last? 

The retention period depends on the individual case. However, it often lasts about twice as long as the orthodontic treatment itself. 

During this period, it is also worth paying attention to the behaviour ofwhich have the effect of increasing malocclusion. So try not to bite pens, nails and make sure you know how to hold your tongue properly. Read more in our article: "Stress affects your teeth! Learn simple habits that will improve your day and your smile". 

It's a good idea to have a Polish orthodontist on site who will be able to check on the progress of the retention and make sure everything is going according to plan! 

Removal of braces

Getting braces removed in the UK - is it worth it?

Many Poles living in the UK are concerned that the cost of orthodontic treatment and aftercare may be significantly higher than in Poland. This is not true - patients forget that you have to add the price of air tickets to the cost of braces and appointments. And these can be huge, especially when you need immediate treatment. We have prepared an article to help you decide on this issue: "Polish orthodontist in the UK - advantages, disadvantages and cost of treatment in the UK".

Remember that even if you have had your teeth treated in Poland so far, you can get your braces removed in the UK. Get in touch with our clinic and get to know our specialists. We assure you that you are in good hands! 

Polish dentist in the UK - see why

Healthy teeth mean a healthy body - it also means confidence and being able to enjoy life to the full. If you live in the UK and only get dental care during short visits to Poland, consider changing that. Accidents happen that you can't predict - and that's when it's a good idea to have your Polish dentist on site and save a lot of money on plane tickets! 

You don't have to worry about costs. Instalment treatment is possible at our practice. So if you are considering braces, take advantage of our offer. Read more on this subject: "Teeth on credit: dental treatment on hire purchase".