Earache in a child from a tooth - what to do?

Earache in a child from a tooth - what to do?

There can be many causes of a child's earache, among them the condition of the toddler's teeth. The reason may be an abscess, pulpitis or erupting molars. Find out exactly what the symptoms are and how to treat a child's earache from a toothache in this article.

Ear pain in a child from a tooth

As we mentioned, the causes of a toothache in a child can be many. It is not always otitis media or throat problems. The reason could be the condition of the toddler's teeth.

Why does this happen? Our head is very innervated, hence pain in one part often radiates to other parts. 

As with adults, the most common culprit for a toothache in children is the molars, or more precisely their eruption. The biggest problem can be caused by the eights, for which there is not always room in the arch. As they grow, they cause a lot of pressure and consequently radiating pain. If you want to know more about them, we recommend our text "Problematic eighths".

Ear pain in a child can be caused by more than just teeth, but also problems with the temporomandibular joint including Costen's Syndrome, or TMD. Therefore, do not underestimate the symptoms and contact a specialist as soon as possible. You may need to see several doctors such as an ENT specialist, dentist, otolaryngologist or neurologist to diagnose and find the cause of your pain.

Ear pain in a child from a tooth

Reasons that could have been avoided 

Also, bad molars can cause a child's earache from a tooth. Here, decay is most often responsible, which can lead to an abscess. Importantly, this applies not only to permanent teeth, but also to milk teeth. The latter, by virtue of being less mineralised, are more susceptible to bacteria. And how do you treat milk teeth and, more importantly, prevent tooth decay? The answers can be found in our two texts "Bottle caries" and "Dental caries in children".

In addition to an abscess, the consequences of caries can also be pulpitis and is another cause of a child's earache from a toothache. In addition to intense and radiating pain, your little one may then be lethargic, have a fever and complain of a headache. 

The last cause of a child's earache from a tooth is periostitis. Here, too, the cause can be caries or complications after tooth extraction.

All the causes listed above can be avoided. How?

Ear pain in a child from a tooth

Prevention is key

Here, we will not surprise anyone by saying that prevention is better than cure. However, in the case of a child, this has even greater resonance.

So how can a toddler be spared pain? Firstly, proper oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth after every meal is essential. It is also best to implement the habit of flossing from an early age. 

Secondly, and just as importantly, regular visits to the dentist. These should take place every six months. Milk teeth should be cared for in the same way as permanent teeth. Why? You can find the answer to this question in our article " Treatment of deciduous teeth, does it make sense".

And thirdly, the right diet. It is a good idea to swap sweets for fruit and vegetables, and remember to get enough calcium in your little one's meals. And if you need support in this area, we refer you to our text "Anti caries diet".

Ear pain in a child from a tooth

A child's earache from a tooth and what next?

What if your little one is already suffering from pain? Don't delay and go to an ENT specialist, who will be the first to confirm or rule out inflammation or disease. He or she will also direct you to another specialist if necessary.

It is also worth visiting your dentist. If your child has an earache is from the tooth will start the treatment. Here, depending on the cause, root canal treatment, antibiotics (usually for periostitis) or extraction may be used. However, tooth extraction is always a last resort and this also applies to deciduous teeth.

We therefore recommend that you visit the dentist regularly and thus minimise the risk of pain and stress for your child.

And if you don't already have your pediatric dentist in the UK -. write to us and make an appointment.