White diet after teeth whitening

White diet after teeth whitening

The white diet after teeth whitening is very important if you want the effect of a snow-white smile to last as long as possible. And what exactly it is, how long you should follow it and what else you should keep in mind - welcome to the article. 

What is a white diet?

In dentistry, the term "white diet" refers to the diet that is recommended during and after tooth whitening. Its observance is essential if a gel with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide was used for whitening. These are most commonly used in dental practices. 

Why? Their use makes the teeth absorb each substance, as well as the pigments it contains.

It is different with pastes or other remedies available from the pharmacy. These contain a much lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Thus, they only act on the tooth surface and are not as effective as gels, but it is also not necessary to follow a white diet.

White diet after teeth whitening

White diet after teeth whitening - find out the details

So what should a white diet contain after teeth whitening? As the name suggests, it should include "white" or, more precisely, non-staining products. These include dairy products such as yoghurt, white cheese and buttermilk, but also white meat such as turkey and chicken, fish and seafood. From vegetables, choose potatoes, cucumbers, white asparagus or white beans.

White diet after teeth whitening should be followed at a minimum for 7 days after the treatment, but preferably for 14 days. If you have opted for overlay whitening at home you should implement the recommendations at the start of the whole process and 7/14 days afterwards.

As we mentioned, during this time you should avoid foods that can stain your teeth. These are mainly red vegetables and fruit. From drinks - give up coffee, tea and red wine for this time. Also avoid sweet and coloured juices. The latter, apart from the fact that they can destroy the whitening effect, additionally coat the teeth, creating an ideal environment for the development of decay bacteria. 

A white diet after teeth whitening should also not include Spices such as turmeric, curry or paprika. Also avoid additives such as ketchup or mustard. 

If you accidentally eat any of the prohibited products, remember to rinse your mouth out with water as soon as possible.


What, apart from diet

In addition to a white diet after teeth whitening, avoid coloured mouthwashes, preferably opting for white; the same goes for stripes. 

Mandatorily give up smoking cigarettesThey can lead to much more discolouration than before the treatment. Teeth whitening can also be a great argument to quit forever.

We would also like to remind you that these teeth will be much more sensitive after whitening. Therefore, give up very cold or very hot drinks and meals. 

And rest assured if you are whitening your teeth in the office dental all recommendations you keep from your dentist or dental hygienist.

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How to get the best result?

If you dream of a snow-white smile before whitening, it is worth visiting your dentist. Firstly, he will take care of the health of your teeth - only such teeth can be whitened. Secondly, he will assess what effect during whitening you are able to achieve. We would like to remind you that not only the method, but also your natural colour of teeth is responsible for the mentioned effect. You can read more on this subject in our article "What tooth colour depends on".

In our office you can choose the overlay method - We will provide you with trays, gel and recommendations on how to whiten your teeth at home. You can also opt for an in-office treatment. Here it is worth mentioning Enlighten system, it guarantees the B1 shade in 98% cases. In the world of dentistry, this shade stands for the whitest of whites.

We would also like to remind you that if you want to take care of your teeth and then achieve a beautiful white smile, you can take advantage of our instalment scheme (it is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority - FCA number 619628). If you want to find out more read our article "Teeth on credit: dental treatment on hire purchase", or Call to us.

And finally - a white diet after teeth whitening, like the other recommendations, is not enough to make your white smile last. Don't forget regular hygiene, then you are guaranteed that tartar and plaque will not affect the colour of your teeth.