Enlighten teeth whitening - a snow-white smile in 2 weeks

Enlighten teeth whitening - a snow-white smile in 2 weeks

We receive many enquiries about Enlighten teeth whitening. What exactly does it consist of? What is the effect and is it true that it lasts for life? How long do you have to wait for it and what does the whole treatment look like? In this article, we will answer all of these.

Dreamy, snow-white smile

You do not always have control over the colour of your teeth. Whether they are snow-white or rather closer to yellow depends primarily on the thickness of your enamel and the yellow dentin hidden underneath. The thinner the enamel, the more difficult it is to achieve a natural white colour of your teeth.

However, that's not all! For the colour of your teeth are also influenced by genes, diet and, most importantly, oral hygiene. Not only the one at home, but also the one at the dental surgery. Therefore, remember to have regular visits and hygiene.

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Now let's get down to business.

Teeth whitening with the Enlighten system

What it is Enlighten teeth whitening?

There is a belief among some people that teeth whitening is a quick process. All you have to do is buy trays or spend a few hours in the dentist's chair to enjoy a snow-white smile for almost the rest of your life. Unfortunately, these people are wrong.

Even if there are changes in the colour of the teeth, the effect may be short-lived. The reason is superficial whitening. Whitening products available outside the dentist's office only remove external stains or dehydrate the teeth, giving the impression of a whiter colour.

If you want to 'keep' your white smile for longer you need to opt for more advanced teeth whitening treatments. These last an average of 2 to 4 weeks.

Teeth whitening with the Enlighten system is a treatment 2-week. It consists of a combination of overlay whitening at home and whitening in the dentist's office.

During treatment, the active ingredient penetrates the tooth enamel, destroying stains through chemical oxidation. Importantly, this is safe for the enamel. This process can take some time, so it is important to complete the treatment as recommended by your dentist.

IMPORTANT! Teeth whitening with the Enlighten system guarantees B1 shade in 98% cases. In the world of dentistry, this shade stands for the whitest of whites.

How it goes Enlighten teeth whitening?

If you want to whiten your teeth using this method, you need to make an appointment for a check-up. During the appointment, the dentist will assess the condition of your teeth and remove tartar and plaque.

Moulds will then be taken, to make customised overlays for you. You will also receive a special gel and precise instructions on how to use the kit.

From then on, you will need to wear overlays all night for 2 weeks.

The final stage is a 40-minute treatment in the dentist's office.

In most cases, the entire treatment Enlighten teeth whitening takes 15 days. However, this period may extend to 8 weeks if your case is more complicated. But rest assured, we will inform you of this at your first appointment.  

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How long does the effect last?

For life! However, as always, there must be a 'but'.

If you decide to undergo teeth whitening with the Enlighten system and want to enjoy a beautiful and white smile for many years after the entire treatment, there are a few things you need to bear in mind.

Firstly, you will need to Put on overlays for 1 night every 2 months in the first year after treatment. Then for 1 night every 3 months in the second year. And finally for 1 night every 6 months after the 3rd year after whitening.

Importantly, if you follow the above guidelines, you do not need to avoid coffee, tea or other products that affect the colour of your teeth.

teeth whitening with the Enlighten system

How much does Enlighten teeth whitening cost?

It depends on the dental practice, at ours the full treatment (trays and in-office whitening) is £550.

Importantly, it is possible to spread this amount in instalments, and the first 12 months are zero interest. Thus, you will only pay £46 per month for a snow-white smile for years to come.

If you want to find out how our instalment system works (it is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority - FCA number 619628) read our article "Teeth on credit: dental treatment on hire purchase", or Call to us.