What to do to have healthy gums? 

What to do to have healthy gums? 

Good oral hygiene is not only about taking care of the condition of the teeth - their health and colour - or fresh breath. It is also hugely important to look after your gums! Why? Their job is to support the teeth. So you can see for yourself that this role is hugely important! Check out what to do to have healthy gums. 

Healthy gums - don't ignore these ailments! 

Unfortunately - still a large percentage of Polish women and men tend to ignore the warning signals sent by the body. If your gums are bleeding, swollen or painful - take your steps immediately to the dentist! 

If your gums are bleeding, also read our article: "Bleeding gums - causes and treatment". 

Causes of gum disease 

So what are the causes of gum disease? For example, poor oral hygiene (forgetting to floss? That's a mistake! Read our article on this topic: "Flossing - why is it so important?). It is also disastrous to use a toothbrush with hard bristles that injure the gums (check: "Which toothbrush is best?"). 

Of course - pay attention to your diet too. One that is poor in vitamins and minerals is not conducive to healthy gums. It is also worthwhile for you to have regular checkups - for example, bleeding gums can be a sign of liver disease, diabetes, anaemia or coagulation disorders. 

As you may have guessed, lowered immunity as well as chronic stress can throw their five cents into the health of your gums. Therefore, take care of this aspect of your life! 

What else can cause gum disease? Sometimes it will be ill-fitting dentures and dental crowns. To avoid this situation, use the services of a proven practice

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What to do to have healthy gums? Firstly: hygiene 

Proper oral hygiene is a key thing to take care of if you want healthy gums. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and preferably after every meal or drink. This is hugely important. Also read our article: "(Not) proper oral hygiene - the 10 biggest mistakes" and see if you are committing any of them! 

As we mentioned earlier, floss your teeth. You can use dental floss or a special device - an irrigator. A toothbrush can't always reach all the nooks and crannies. You don't want to miss any of them and cause bacteria to appear! 

Also use the right toothbrush. Remember to replace it regularly - ideally every two to three months. After such a period, it already harbours bacteria - so keep an eye on it! And don't forget the right tooth brushing technique! Read: "How do I brush my teeth properly?". 


Don't ignore the power of homemade rinses! 

Your gums, from time to time, also need a little extra attention. That's why you should try a homemade rinse! All you need is sage or chamomile - brew the herbs, let them cool down and then rinse your mouth thoroughly. Your gums will thank you - in this way you will help to prevent inflammation! 

Are your gums bleeding? First of all, make an appointment with your dentist, but in the meantime you can also use a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide. Try mixing a tablespoon at a time and rinsing your teeth properly. This method may help you! 

Want healthy gums? Give up stimulants 

Your gums can't stand cigarettes! These lead to the growth of bacteria and dry out the mouth. They are the cause of many diseases, yellow teeth and bad breath. Alcohol also has an impact on your oral health, so use it with caution. 

Also watch out for sweets or fizzy drinks - Excessive amounts can also cause gum and tooth disease! Read: "Gingivitis - symptoms and treatment". 

Enrich your diet

A proper diet is good for the whole body! Your gums will also benefit from it. Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Vegetables and fruit are real vitamin bombs! Drink enough water too. 

Healthy gums require an office visit

Healthy gums require a visit to the surgery! 

Visit your dentist at least once every six months for a check-up. This will help you respond in time to developing gum disease or other ailments. 

Read on and find out more: "Gum disease - causes, symptoms and treatment".

Ensure that dental hygiene is carried out during such visits - tartar is also the cause of many gum diseases! Read our text: "Dental hygiene in the UK - scaling, tooth sandblasting, polishing and fluoridation". 

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