Orthodontic treatment in the UK

Orthodontic treatment in the UK

Thanks to orthodontic treatment, straight teeth and a beautiful smile are now achievable for everyone. However, many people are still reluctant to get braces. Concerns about the treatment usually include questions about its cost, duration and type of braces. Find out what orthodontic treatment in the UK is like and see for yourself that 'the devil is not so terrible as he is painted'.

Indications for orthodontic treatment in the UK

You may think that a straight bite is just a matter of aesthetics and unless you are a film star, you don't need to worry about it. However, nothing could be further from the truth. This is because crooked teeth affect the functioning of the jaw, but also the whole head. Therefore, you should also see an orthodontist if:

  • you suffer from jaw pain or headaches - the constant tension associated with crooked teeth may be the reason,
  • Your teeth are crumbling or cracking - strong pressure caused by a malocclusion may be the cause,
  • you have problems with weakened teeth that are thin at the tips or loose,
  • someone in your family also had an uneven bite - you may have a genetic tendency,
  • You are concerned about the aesthetic and straight appearance of your smile.

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Orthodontic treatment in the UK

Orthodontic treatment in the UK, which is basically what?

Orthodontic treatment in the UK takes time and regular visits to the orthodontist. The whole process usually takes around 2 years. However, this is not a rule and it all depends on many factors, including the type of defect and the age of the patient.

This is why the doctor always performs the appropriate tests firstThe orthodontist takes an impression of all the teeth and only on this basis selects the appropriate orthodontic appliance to correct their alignment. The course of treatment is set individually, and subsequent visits are used to monitor whether the entire process of tooth realignment is proceeding correctly.

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For the correction of malocclusion two types of instruments, these are:

  • fixed appliances - permanently fixed, consisting of brackets and rings which, when tightened by the dentist, change their position. Depending on the material the brackets are made of, we distinguish between metal, ceramic and sapphire braces.
  • Removable appliances - removable and worn for a set amount of time per day, used for children up to 12 years of age.

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Orthodontic treatment in the UK

Why are straight teeth so important?

Even if it seems to you that orthodontic treatment can wait, remember that it is the only effective form of treatment for teeth that prevents or completely eliminates many deeper problems.

By visiting your orthodontist you can counteract the the formation of caries associated with inadequate cleaning of crooked and often compressed teeth. Straightening the bite can also solve the problem associated with septation, as well as result in a change in facial shape due to a different position of the mandible.

If orthodontic treatment were to affect a child, it is important insofar as it can prevent inappropriate eruption of permanent teeth and assist speech therapy when the child has problems with the correct pronunciation of sounds.

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Orthodontic treatment in the UK

Orthodontic treatment in the UK doesn't have to cost a fortune

Perhaps you think you can't afford to see an orthodontist because it's too big an expense. However, don't let financial issues influence your decision.

At our clinic you can plan your orthodontic treatment with financing spread over favourable instalments. Up to 12 months they are at the 0% interest rate, i.e. you only pay back the amount you have borrowed.

Want to find out more about our instalment system - read our article Teeth on credit: dental treatment on hire purchase. Importantly, our system is 100% secure and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA number 619628).