Straight teeth in 6 months - is it possible?

Straight teeth in 6 months - is it possible?

The most common questions we receive from our patients who have decided to have orthodontic treatment are how long it takes and how much it will cost. Unfortunately, there is no single answer. It all depends, among other things, on the condition of the teeth, the bite problem and the type of braces to be used. For some patients, it may take a few months for others years. So it is no wonder that a new solution that offers straight teeth in 6 months is generating a lot of interest. However, is it possible?

Recently, a number of companies have appeared on the market with 'rapid orthodontic treatment' on offer. They organise 2-day courses for dentists, and these dentists are thus able to increase their offer and give patients what they are waiting for - straight teeth in 6 months for much less money than standard treatment.

Straight teeth in 6 months - basic information

The brackets used in this technology are no different from the traditional brackets used by orthodontists. They can be metal, ceramic or sapphire.

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Similarly, the arches used in this method are the same. Thus, from a technical point of view, it is not possible for the teeth to move faster. How quickly the effect is achieved depends largely on the individual predisposition of the patient. In addition, rapid tooth movement can have dangerous consequences, such as root decay or even the death of the entire tooth.

Straight teeth in 6 months - basic information

How does the new method differ from standard orthodontic treatment?

How is it possible that some surgeries offer straight teeth in 6 months when others recommend treatment for up to 3 years?

Firstly, this method is concerned with straightening only the six front teeth. It also does not involve curing the cause of crooked teeth, i.e. crowding or malocclusion, for example. This stage of orthodontic treatment takes the most time. It also requires specialist knowledge and experience. Thus, the treatment is not faster, but limited.

Importantly, in the case of standard treatment, the orthodontist is in charge. In the "rapid teeth straightening" method, the brackets are placed on the teeth by a technician from the company's laboratory on special models and then sent to the offices. The entire treatment is carried out according to the guidelines of the respective company, not the dentist.

Although he may be a great specialist in his speciality, a few days' course will not give him as much knowledge and experience as an orthodontist has. It's like having the best orthopaedist in the world to treat heart defects.

Straight teeth in 6 months - does it make sense?

Straight teeth in 6 months - does it make sense?

Of course, you may only care about straightening your front teeth and wonder if it's worth using the new technology? As we mentioned in the introduction, every smile is different. You may find that in your case, even standard orthodontic treatment can take even less than six months.

Therefore, it is best to make an appointment before you make a decision to a visit to the orthodontistwho will advise on the best solution for you. This is a much safer solution. At the same time, you get an indication of whether the effect will last, or worse, not at all.

If you have a serious malocclusion and decide that you want straight teeth in 6 months you have to expect unpleasant consequences. Your teeth may move forward and your malocclusion may become worse.

Each case is individual, which is why diagnosis is so important.

Straight teeth in 6 months

Is it really a cheaper solution?

Straight teeth in 6 months not only means shorter treatment times but also lower costs. However, these differences compared to standard orthodontic treatment are not great. What is important in the second case is that the cause of the crooked teeth is removed. In addition, you have a much better chance that the final result will be satisfactory to you.

In a situation where, for example, you had a serious malocclusion and yet decided to have your teeth 'straightened quickly, you may still need to see an orthodontist.

Therefore, it is better make an appointment at our practice and don't pay double.