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Exactly what treatments and operations can an oral surgeon in the UK perform? The first example we will talk about is malocclusion.

To correct an abnormal bite with braces may not be sufficient. When exactly? Among other things, when the patient's mandible is excessively protruded or there is jaw stenosis. This is a condition characterised by a high, narrow palate, crowded teeth and a crossbite. An oral surgeon in the UK will also help with open bite (when the teeth are partially out of contact with each other).

You can also count on this specialist if you are struggling with a so-called retained tooth. What does this mean? The tooth has not erupted completely or it remains completely in the jaw. This results in frequent inflammation and uncomfortable pressure. Find out more about this in this article: "A retained tooth - what exactly is it and does it always need to be removed?".

What other cases can a Polish oral surgeon in the UK help you with? Also in the much more serious ones. A broken bone or jaw as a result of an accident is not a matter that can be dealt with by someone without the right skills and experience.

At the very beginning of this article, we mentioned that this field of dentistry also includes elements of oncology. Oral surgeons also help cancer patients by removing lesions in this area.



Oral surgery in the UK



Troublesome eights? See a surgeon!

Are you the owner of a troublesome eighth tooth? Your dentist is breaking his hands, the tooth has erupted in the wrong place? And in this case, an oral surgeon in the UK can help you. The right person will take good care of you and soon you won't have to worry about them anymore. This procedure is more complicated than a simple extraction. Why? The reasons include the location of the tooth (even when the tooth has appeared where it should). You can read more about this topic here: "Surgical removal of eights - when is it necessary and what is the procedure like".


Eighths are also often retained teeth, as we have written about previously: "A retained tooth - what exactly is it and does it always need to be removed?".

We'll surprise you, but not every eighth is suitable for pulling out! A lot of myths have grown up around this topic, which we dispel in our article: "Problematic eighths - facts and myths about wisdom teeth".

Remember - having your eights removed as well as visiting the surgeon is no mean feat. Make sure you take a few days off work. For this period, forget any physical exercise. We write more on this subject here: "What not to do after a tooth extraction and how to speed up healing?".

And if you're looking for an oral surgeon in the UK who can help you get rid of the problem of eights, retained tooth and more, come to us. You don't have to worry about the cost either - treatments from £350 and up can be spread over convenient instalments. You can read more about our instalment scheme in the article: "Teeth on credit: dental treatment on hire purchase". Our instalment system is 100% secure and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA number to 619628).

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