Follow-up visit to the dentist in the UK

Follow-up visit to the dentist in the UK

You probably already know all the steps to take care of your oral hygiene. You know how to clean your teeth properly, which toothbrush to choose and you don't skip flossing. But do you realise how important it is to visit your dentist in the UK for a check-up? Check out our article and never skip this step again! 

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What is a check-up visit to the dentist in the UK?

Even best toothbrush, the best flossing technique, the best oral hygiene products will not guarantee you a perfect smile. For that, you need regular check-ups with your dentist in the UK! What do they involve? 

The dentist will do a general inspection of your mouth. He will check for cavities on your teeth. He will make sure your gums are in good condition and, if necessary, will perform the necessary treatments! 

The most likely one of these will be hygienization. This should take place, as well as a check-up visit, twice a year. You can read exactly what it consists of in the text "Dental hygiene in the UK - scaling, tooth sandblasting, polishing and fluoridation".

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How often should you visit your dentist? 

A check-up visit to your dentist in the UK should take place at least twice a year. We advise you well - don't postpone it indefinitely! If something has developed in your mouth that requires dental intervention, it is better to act immediately. It is much better to treat a cavity when it has not yet had time to develop. On the other hand, if you delay for too long, you will expose yourself to unnecessary pain. An example? Root canal treatment! 

Don't worry - if you are facing this type of treatment, use the services of our office. We perform endodontics under a microscope, so you can be sure that the procedure will be performed flawlessly! Read more on this topic: "Root canal treatment under the microscope in the UK". 

Have you neglected your teeth? It's not too late - a check-up with your dentist in the UK

Have you neglected your teeth? It's not too late - a check-up with your dentist in the UK

We are aware that many people avoid as much as possible a follow-up visit to the dentist in the UK because they are afraid of the reaction of the specialist. This is a huge mistake! A good dentist will certainly not comment in any hurtful way on the state of your teeth. So don't be afraid and take care of your smile - remember, you are given one for life! 

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In our practice, you don't have to fear for the atmosphere. Each dentist working with us is a professional who will calmly explain every step to you. You will develop a treatment plan so that you know exactly what costs to prepare for. What's more - if you have any doubts - you will make sure that dental treatment in Poland is definitely cheaper. From our experience, we will tell you that it is not necessarily so! 

You can read more about this topic in our article: "A dental treatment plan, i.e. a cost estimate for your teeth". 

Remember - current technology makes it possible to treat even the most complicated cases. So don't delay your visit! 

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Still worried about the cost? At our practice you can spread the treatment in instalments!

Yes! Once you have developed a treatment plan, you can spread the entire cost over convenient instalments. In the first year, the interest rate is 0! You can read more about our instalment system in our article: "Teeth on credit: dental treatment on hire purchase". Importantly, this system is safe in the 100% and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA number 619628). 

Do you have doubts? Visit us or give us a call on 0121 663 1690 or 0771 544 4719 and we will be happy to help you! Book your check-up appointment with a dentist in the UK today. 

Are you a parent? Then you certainly want to take care of your little one's teeth! To do so, bring him to the adaptation visit. By doing so, you greatly reduce the chances that your toddler will be afraid of the surgery in the future!