How to relieve toothache during pregnancy?

How to relieve toothache during pregnancy?

As we know, mothers-to-be face a number of prohibitions, injunctions and myths. One of the most pernicious is that of the prohibition of visits to the dentist. Women do not know how they can relieve a toothache during pregnancy, and are afraid to go for a visit.

We have prepared a short guide for you so that you can help yourself temporarily. Remember, however, not to put off going to the dentist indefinitely! A bacterial infection, which can cause pain, can put your child at risk.

Causes of toothache in pregnancy

There can be a whole host of causes of toothache during pregnancy - such as cavities, mechanical damage or decay, which is responsible for inflammation. This in pregnancy can be very dangerous, as bacteria can enter the bloodstream. Consequently, this can cause low birth weight of the baby and even premature birth and miscarriage. Find out more about pulpitis in our article "Tooth inflammation - unbearable pain" .

In addition to the "standard" problems that cause pain, there are the typical pregnancy ones ailments such as frequent nausea and vomiting. The acid content of the stomach is very bad for the enamel, so mothers-to-be may suffer even more unpleasant consequences. Remember that the pH of saliva also changes during this period, which is also not conducive to good dental health.

It is also a fact that tooth and gum sensitivity increases during pregnancy. Here, the culprits are of course the hormones.

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Dental treatment during pregnancy

Treatment and safety

As soon as you develop a toothache during pregnancy, the safest thing to do is to visit your dentist straight away. You can read more about dental treatment during pregnancy below. We realise that this is not always possible - in which case, of course, you can help yourself on an ad hoc basis.

However, avoid medication without consulting your doctor. You need to know that some of them are prohibited during the entire pregnancy and some only during a particular trimester. This is why it is so important that you consult a specialist.

For toothache in pregnancy, home remedies will be the safest.

Home remedies for toothache in pregnancy

The best friend of a pregnant woman suffering from a toothache is cold compresses. You can use a towel or a cloth in which you wrap ice cubes. Frozen food of all kinds will also work well!

Rinses, such as those made from sage, are also another way. We wrote about them in our article: "Home remedies for toothache".

Also remember to replace your toothbrush with one with very fine bristles. Try not to rub your teeth too hard. Brush them at least twice a day, and preferably after every meal. This will make sure that you get rid of all the bacteria that can cause a toothache during pregnancy!

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Dental treatment during pregnancy - we dispel the myths!

Above all, there is still a pernicious belief that teeth must not be treated during pregnancy. This is not true. The opposite is true - dental treatment during pregnancy is necessary! Many mums-to-be postpone visits to the dentist for fear of pain. And this ties in with another myth that anaesthesia is forbidden during pregnancy. Once again: this is not true!

If you take care with regular hygiene and scaling, your next visit falls when you are expecting a baby - don't give it up. Stone removal during pregnancy, contrary to popular belief, is also completely safe and very important. Why? You can find out in our article "Tartar on teeth - find out how it affects your health".

The same as with hygiene is true of tooth extraction - this, too, is not prohibited in pregnancy!

Dental treatment during pregnancy is possible and most treatments does not have to raise your concerns. Of course - there are some you have to wait with, such as dentures, x-rays or whitening. However, this is not an obstacle to visiting your dentist regularly and thus preventing or getting rid of toothache during pregnancy.

A common recommendation is to visit the dentist at the very beginning of pregnancy, in the middle and at the end. Then the specialist will have a complete picture of what has changed and what, if any, should be treated after the solution!

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Toothache during pregnancy - how to prevent it?

Regular visits to the dentist will also help prevent you from having toothaches during pregnancy. Also remember the correct tooth brushing and flossing technique, as we mentioned above.

Also remember to repeat the hygiene treatment regularly - It is crucial in maintaining a healthy mouth. Read more about this in our article: "Dental hygiene in the UK - scaling, tooth sandblasting, polishing and fluoridation".

If you are pregnant, you will certainly be interested in our article: "Teeth during pregnancy - how to look after them properly". You will learn from it, among other things, how to treat your teeth during pregnancy, how they are still affected by hormones and what you can eat to help your smile.

Haven't visited a specialist in a while? Make an appointment to our office! It is very important to have your trusted dentist in the UK.

As we mentioned earlier, thanks to the various accompanying you ailments and hormones during this period, your teeth are particularly vulnerable. It is worthwhile for you to be under the care of one dentist who will be familiar with your case and will monitor the state of your smile on an ongoing basis.