Self-ligature braces in the UK - what are they and how much do they cost?

Self-ligature braces in the UK - what are they and how much do they cost?

More and more adults are opting for orthodontic treatment with braces. And rightly so! The myths that braces are only for teenagers are slowly becoming a thing of the past. However, the problem arises when choosing a particular type of braces, after all there are so many of them. Today, we're going to introduce you to one option - selfligature braces in the UK, which are less visible than classic braces, and check-ups are less frequent with them.

When are braces needed and what types are there?

There is a perception that the only advantage of having straight teeth is that they look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. This is not true. Often people with a crooked bite experience head or jaw pain, speech defects, teeth become brittle, cracked or weakened or loose. Any of these things may be an indication for treatment with braces. If you have any doubts about whether the problem applies to you, make an appointment in our practice.

Depending on the state of your teeth and your wallet You can choose from many types of braces. Their basic division is between fixed and removable braces. For most adults, fixed braces are used. It can be, for example, metal, ceramic or sapphire. You can read more about the different types in our article "Types of braces in the UK - what to choose„.

Self-ligature braces in the UK - what are they and how much do they cost?

Self-ligature braces in the UK - what are they and how do they work?

Of the fixed appliances, you can choose from classic braces with ligatures or selfligating braces. Ligatures are special rubber bands which hold the orthodontic arch in place in the brackets. Self-ligating braces have special ratchets, which make the rubber bands unnecessary.

If you decide to get self ligature braces in the UK, you will be more comfortable than with traditional fixed braces. Its brackets are rounded, so they cause less discomfort in the mouth. On the other hand, the constant pressure on the teeth makes treatment with it slightly shorter than with classic braces.

Easier oral hygiene is also a factor in favour of selfligature braces. They have fewer nooks and crannies than traditional braces, making them easier to clean, so there is less risk of decay. However, this does not mean that you can neglect this aspect - absolutely not. You can read more about this in our post "How to care for teeth with braces„.

Not insignificant when deciding on the type of apparatus is also that with classic braces with ligatures, it is necessary to replace them every approx. 4-5 weeks. The ligatures wear out, so this is a mandatory part of the treatment. Self-ligating braces in the UK do not have ligatures, so follow-up visits to the orthodontist are less frequent.

Another advantage of selfligating braces is their less conspicuous appearance. This is due to the lack of elastics and the low-profile, transparent brackets. This is not an important aspect for everyone, but there will certainly be some people for whom this is one of the key issues.

Self-ligating braces in the UK

Price of selfligating braces in the UK

The price of classic braces is lower than that of self-ligating braces. However, taking into account the fact that in the latter case, there will be slightly fewer follow-up visits, the final cost of the treatment may not be very different at all.

Price of metal selfligating braces in the UK in our dental practice for one arch is £900. For the porcelain version with clear brackets you have to reckon with an expense of £1200.

We realise, of course, that this is not a small cost. However, remember that we offer to spread the payment over convenient instalments. For the first 12 months, the interest rate is 0%. You can read more about this in our text "Teeth on credit: dental treatment on hire purchase". Our instalment scheme is 100% secure and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA number 619628).

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Consequences of missing orthodontic treatment

Crooked teeth are harder to clean well and are therefore more likely to be affected by tooth decay. This is not only associated with toothache, but also with the high cost of ongoing treatment. The impact of broken teeth on the health of the entire body is also not insignificant. It's not worth underestimating, so think about visiting an orthodontist and getting selfligature braces in the UK.

An obvious consequence of not having orthodontic treatment is also discomfort felt when smiling in front of other people. Not to mention that in some cases, facial distortion can occur. Read more about the consequences of missing orthodontic treatment in our article "Malocclusion in adults - causes, consequences and treatment„.

We invite you to visit our dental practice, during which we will dispel your doubts and answer any questions you may have.