Christmas carp, mulled wine, sweets - how do you look after your teeth at Christmas?

Christmas carp, mulled wine, sweets - how do you look after your teeth at Christmas?

The sweet Christmas time we love so much can be a horror for our teeth. See how to look after your teeth at Christmas so you don't end up in the dental emergency room instead of the Shepherdess.

With festive tables laden with food and a relaxed family atmosphere, it is easy to forget about your teeth at this time. It turns out, however, that some festive dishes can be a real nuisance. And we should take special care of our teeth at Christmas, because finding an open dental clinic can be a miracle and is hardly the ideal way to spend Christmas.

How to look after your teeth over the holidays when wearing dentures

Removable dentures can be problematic. They shift and are not always a comfortable solution. It is best to replace them with implantswhich can make the perfect Christmas present. However, if you sit down at the Christmas Eve table with your dentures, watch out for poppy seed, kutia or poppy seed noodles.

This is because all specialities that contain poppy seeds can easily damage the mucous membranes. The grains get under the denture and act on the soft tissues like sandpaper.

How to take care of your teeth over the holidays

Sweets also harm teeth at Christmas

We're not going to discover America with this statement, but when broaching the subject of how to look after your teeth during the festive season, we can't forget about sweets. Unfortunately, although miracles happen at Christmas and even animals speak with a human voice, we do not have good news. On 24-26 every year, sugar continues to damage teeth and promote tooth decay.

Therefore, if you do eat sweets, do it once and specifically, and brush your teeth afterwards. Snacking on gingerbread all day long is no good for your smile. The latter have a particularly bad effect on your oral health, as they coat the bones of your teeth tightly with a breeding ground for bacteria.

Of course, if you look after your teeth, which are generally healthy, nothing will happen to you. However, if checks are not carried out regularly, there is a chance that the amount of sweets consumed will result in a leaking filling or a hypersensitive tooth and spoil the festivities.

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to take care of your teeth at Christmas better avoid nuts

Watch out for these dishes in particular

It's not Christmas without carp and other fish. If you want to look after your teeth at Christmas, really apply yourself carefully to pulling out the bones. After all, this is one of the most common reasons for visits during Christmas and New Year. In theory, they are not hard, but their spindly shape, with a needle-sharp tip, causes more sealings to split than you can imagine.

The second issue is nuts. However, it is not a matter of eating them, but of splitting them. Unfortunately, although it seems very obvious, there is not a year where our clinic does not receive patients who have decided to make their teeth into a nutcracker.

Keep your teeth white this Christmas

Christmas dinners for many families involve accompanying wine. On Christmas Day, red rather than white wine, which is good on the one hand, but not necessarily on the other. This is because red wine has less of an impact on the erosion of enamel, however, due to its colour, it has a stronger impact on the possibility of discolouration of the teeth.

In this case, brushing will once again be the key. As with sweets, it would be better to have a glass of wine and brush your teeth straight away, but this is difficult to do during a festive evening. Therefore, remember to simply brush your teeth after dinner, as well as before going to bed yourself.

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Air your home for your teeth

The warmth of the home at Christmas can even be felt tangibly. The higher temperatures straight from the kitchen, the efforts of family members to keep the house very warm, especially when small children come to visit, is a common situation. However, it is worth knowing that taking care of your teeth at Christmas also means ventilating your home or flat.

What is the relationship between high temperatures and our teeth? Bacteria grow faster in such conditions. And we provide a lot of food for them, as mentioned earlier.

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No holiday from the toothbrush

Finally, universal advice on how to take care of your teeth during the holidays. The basis here will be, above all, hygiene. It is best to brush your teeth after every meal or at least rinse them with water. If this is not possible, it is advisable to eat an apple at the end of the meal, as it naturally cleans your teeth.

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It is worth considering whether chewing gum is worthwhile. As long as our teeth are healthy - it is safe to freshen our breath and lower the PH in our mouth. However, if you are unsure, it is better to use other methods, as chewing gum is often the ultimate cause of unsealed fillings and cavities.

How to take care of your teeth over the holidays to avoid a visit to the dentist

Christmas away from the dentist

If you don't want to look urgently for a dentist at Christmas or just after Christmas, it is worth taking preventive action. A check-up and filling of the most urgent cavities will mean that you will definitely spend Christmas away from your dentist.

Therefore, the best thing to do today Call us i make an appointment in our practice.

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