Teeth whitening at home

Teeth whitening at home

Everyone dreams of a snow-white smile. No wonder! It is the greatest decoration of the face. That's why you can find a whole host of home remedies to achieve this effect. Some are more, others less effective. We have collected here those that certainly work and the effect lasts for many, many years. That is why we invite you to read on. Check how teeth whitening at home should look like. 

Watch out for your enamel! 

You can improve the colour of your teeth even within your four walls, but one thing is certain - do it with your head! You can certainly find many ways to do this on various websites, but be careful. Not all of them are safe for the enamel - so consult your dentist. 

It is always better to reach out for a professional opinion! You can also read our article: "Home remedies for teeth whitening - pros and cons". In it, we dissect the most popular methods. We pick out the ones you can confidently use, but also point out the ones that are best abandoned. 

Teeth whitening at home - where to start? 

If you don't like the colour of your smile, before you decide on any treatment, start with the basics. What this means. 

Try as much as you can to limit colouring products. Coffee, red wine, tea are not conducive to a bright enamel colour. Not to mention cigarettes - these are not only very bad for the appearance of your teeth, but also for their overall condition. Therefore, it is best to say goodbye to this stimulant once and for all! 

Also remember to wash and flossing teeth at least twice a day, and preferably after each meal. 

Unfortunately - it is also possible that your natural bone tone is slightly darker. But you don't have to worry - you can still achieve the effect you dream of. You'll just have to reach for slightly stronger ways though! 

Teeth whitening at home

At-home tooth whitening - the overlay method 

Wondering - if your bone is a different shade, how is it possible to change it? It is very simple! Tooth whitening involves applying bleaching agents (for example, hydrogen peroxide) to the enamel and dentin. There is no obstacle to this process taking place in your own home. So take advantage of the overlay method! 

The whole process will take an average of seven to 21 days. We have good news - the first effects are visible after a few days. On average, this will be a brightening of 2 tones.

Overlay teeth whitening at home involves applying a special preparation to your teeth. In the kit you receive two splints and a gel. All you need to do is fill these splints with the preparation and place them on the upper and lower arch. And that is all! 

We recommend: lubricate the gums with Vaseline beforehand. This will help you avoid possible irritation. Remember that, especially at first, you will probably not be able to squeeze out the right amount of gel - which means that excess gel will come out when you press down on the pads. Don't worry - simply remove the excess with your finger or gauze. 

When to wear trays? The time is not important, but take care not to keep them on your teeth for more than 5 hours. After removing the trays, simply rinse your mouth with water. The trays should be rinsed and dried. On the other hand, do not eat or drink while they are applied. And during the teeth whitening process at home, avoid staining products, as well as citrus fruits, which damage the enamel. 

Read more about the overlay method of at-home teeth whitening: "Overlay teeth whitening at home". 

Teeth whitening at home

Enlighten system - another effective whitening method 

Have you heard of the Enlighten system? It is a hybrid method - a combination of overlay whitening and in-office whitening. The treatment lasts two weeks. It involves the active ingredient destroying stains on the teeth, through chemical oxidation. Don't worry - it is completely safe for the enamel. 

If you want to use this method, make a follow-up appointment first. At this time, the condition of your teeth will also be assessed. The dentist will also get rid of plaque and tartar. The next step is to take the moulds for making the trays. Importantly, teeth whitening with the Enlighten system lasts between 15 days and eight weeks. Read more in our article: "Enlighten teeth whitening - a snow-white smile in 2 weeks". 

If you are also interested in other ways to whiten your teeth, take a look at our other article: "Teeth whitening in the UK - find out about prices and possible options".

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Teeth whitening in the UK - contact us 

If you are worried that you won't be able to pay for your whitening - we have good news. At our clinic, it is possible to spread the amount of treatment into convenient instalments. Our instalment system is regulated by Financial Conduct Authority - FCA number 619628 To find out more, read our article: "Teeth on credit: dental treatment on hire purchase", or Call to us.