Take care of your teeth during the lockdown - yes, it's possible!

Take care of your teeth during the lockdown - yes, it's possible!

Because of coronavirus, some people put off dental treatment. This is a big mistake, because untreated inflammation or decay over time can have very serious consequences for your health and "pocket". Therefore, take better care of your teeth during lockdown and save yourself pain and unplanned expenses. IMPORTANT news - our surgery is open and operating without change.


Look after your teeth during lockdown - why is it so important?

Although the pandemic has changed a lot in everyday life, it has not changed the fact that teeth break down, hurt and need treatment. Therefore, it is better not to postpone appointments and, on the contrary, to call the dentist as soon as possible in the event of changes in the mouth. 

Why take care of your teeth during a lockdown? Even if you are not experiencing pain now, this may change in a few days or weeks. Small decay, over time, can penetrate deep into the tooth and cause infection and inflammation of the pulp. Untreated inflammation of the tooth means severe pain, which often occurs not only when eating and drinking, but also when lying down. In addition, it can be accompanied by jaw pain and high fever.

Unfortunately, in the current situation, we do not always have the capacity to admit patients with pain on the same day. This is the result of sanitary restrictions related to coronavirus. Thus, you have to "survive" a few days with pain if you find yourself in this situation

Therefore, it is best not to let it happen and to make an appointment as soon as you notice small changes in your mouth. And if you are struggling with pain and are waiting for an appointment we recommend our article "Home remedies for toothache".

Remember, too, that dental and oral diseases have serious consequences. Which ones? You can find out in our article "Decayed teeth a danger to the health of the whole body".

Unrealistic planned treatment

You know very well how important it is to take care of your teeth and visit your dentist regularly. However, until now you have been receiving dental care in Poland. If so, don't give up on treatment because you are unable to leave the UK.

If you have received a dental treatment plan from your dentist contact us. You can continue them in our office, which of course we will re-price all treatments. More than once we have found that patients have spent less, plus they have been able to spread the payment in instalments.

About what a dental treatment plan is and how our patient saved £3,800 read in our article "A dental treatment plan, i.e. a cost estimate for your teeth". And for more on the instalment system, see the material "Teeth on credit: dental treatment on hire purchase" .

Importantly, you can take advantage of the instalment scheme above £350, an amount that covers treatment as well as dentures or braces. She system is safe and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA number 619628).

You have time - take care of your teeth during the lockdown

You've got time - take care of your teeth during the lockdown

A very sizable group of people work from home during their quarantine, and are sometimes on 'enforced leave'. If you are in this group it is worth using this time for yourself. Make postponed plans, read a book, start exercising and get down to that diet you've been thinking about for months. It's also worth taking care of your teeth during the lockdown.

First of all, prevention. If the last time you went to the dentist was more than 6 months ago, be sure to call us. Regular visits allow you to start any treatment early, which saves you time, avoids pain and doesn't spend a lot of money on your teeth.

Interestingly, dental hygiene alone will make your smile whiter, more importantly you will minimise the risk of periodontitis. This, if left untreated, can end in tooth loss.

This is very important, especially for children, in whom tooth decay can destroy an entire tooth in just two months. Read more about this in our article - How do you look after milk teeth in children and why is it so important? And if your little one has never been to the dentist before, we recommend the material Your child's first visit to the dentist in the UK.

Secondly, if you were wondering about orthodontic treatment or tooth whiteningNow is a good time to take care of it. You're sure to feel better when you can boast a beautiful, white smile.

Take care of your teeth during the lockdown

How to take care of your teeth during lockdown - just give us a call

Our practice operates without change. We perform all dental procedures, naturally with all the strict rules that apply during a pandemic. Thus, we take care of our patients' healthy teeth while not exposing them or our staff to infection.

In relation to the pandemic and safety rules we have made several changes. The main ones are:

  • Currently, all appointments are made by phone or online, via email, FB or the contact us page questionnaire
  • Prior to the visit, we ask our patients to fill in an online form (we send a link by text message) and pay the deposit.
  • Only patients who have an appointment can enter the clinic, preferably 5-10 minutes before the appointment (the exception is a parent with a child)
  • Before the visit, each patient has their temperature measured.

You can find all the information about what the visit is like and the precautions we took in our article "Visiting a dentist in the UK during the coronavirus pandemic - Polish dental clinic in Birmingham„.

Of course, if you have questions - call or write to us.