Tooth reconstruction in the UK - what is it and how much does it cost?

Tooth reconstruction in the UK - what is it and how much does it cost?

Tooth reconstruction in the UK may be a necessity if your tooth is damaged. Remember not to ignore this problem under any circumstances! A broken tooth is a serious matter and neglecting it can have significant consequences, not just aesthetic ones. Find out what the reconstruction of a broken tooth involves and how much it costs. 

Reconstruction of a tooth in the UK - when is it necessary? 

Reconstruction of a broken tooth is necessary if the crown is damaged. There is then a risk that the tooth will not stay in the alveolus or will be severely weakened. 

A weak tooth, on the other hand, means problems with biting and chewing and the risk of tooth loss. And, as you know, this brings further consequences. Which ones exactly? You can read more about this in our article: "How much does it cost to have a tooth inserted in the UK?".

Returning, the tooth may have been crumbled or broken due to mechanical trauma or caries. Caries is called the disease of the 21st century and affects almost 100% Poles! Many people already have diseased teeth in childhood. This is all due to a lack of knowledge of how to take care of oral hygiene and how to prevent caries. Read our article on this topic: "Tooth decay. Where does it come from, how to treat it and how to prevent it?". 

Tooth restoration can be done with a dental crown

What does the reconstruction of a broken tooth look like? 

Tooth reconstruction in the UK can be carried out in several ways. It depends on the condition of the teeth, root and jawbone and, of course, the size of the cavity. Your dentist will interview you and suggest specific solutions.

So how can a tooth be repaired? If the cavity is not too deep, restoration with composite (so-called bonding) is possible. This material is very malleable and the procedure is not complicated. Importantly, it will need to be repeated after 5 years. The tooth will be repaired in one visit. 

Another way is to reconstruct the tooth with fibreglass. This material is very durable and aesthetically pleasing - the colour of the teeth after reconstruction will not differ at all from the natural one. Fibreglass is the most popular choice for restoring a tooth after root canal treatment, as it does not require grinding the teeth that are next to it. As with a composite filling, fibreglass also allows the reconstruction of a broken tooth in a single visit. 

The Inlay/Onlay method is worth noting. The prosthodontist places porcelain or composite inlays/onlays on the crown to replace part of the crown of the tooth. However, there is a bit of a wait for this solution - measurements need to be collected and the procedure itself is quite time-consuming. 

If you lose the crown of a tooth, it is worth thinking about restoring the tooth at the root. Here, you can choose between a root-crown inlay (for large cavities), an all-ceramic or porcelain prosthetic crown (a very aesthetic, durable solution that requires teeth to be ground down. Read: "A crown for teeth in the UK. Everything you need to know") or veneers. We have already written an article on these as well: "Dental veneers in the UK. Everything you need to know". 

Remember that the choice of method is best left to the dentist. If you are in doubt about the solution you have chosen, do not be afraid to ask. A good dentist will explain everything to you and give you the advantages as well as the disadvantages of a particular method.

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Why should the treatment be carried out?

Many patients consciously opt out of tooth reconstruction. Why? A chipped or cracked tooth is not visible, so it does not affect the aesthetics of the smile. Unfortunately - how a tooth looks is the least of the problems! If you neglect a chipped, cracked or broken tooth, you may even have to have it extracted. 

Tooth retention is very important - this will ensure that you maintain a correct bite and that there is no risk of tooth loosening.

Tooth reconstruction in the UK - does it hurt? 

Whether the reconstruction of a broken tooth will be accompanied by pain depends on how badly the tissue is damaged. Don't worry - you can always ask your dentist for anaesthesia, which will significantly reduce or completely eliminate the discomfort! 

What are the costs of the procedure? 

Prices for tooth restoration in the UK start from £60 for a crown and root inlay, £180 for a composite veneer and £420 for a porcelain crown. Check the exact price list:, and also make an appointment

If the price of the procedure scares you, don't worry. At our clinic, you can take advantage of 12 convenient, interest-free instalments if the cost of treatment exceeds £350 (FCA number 619628).