Polish prosthodontist in the UK - when is it worth making an appointment, what does it look like and how much does it cost?

Polish prosthodontist in the UK - when is it worth making an appointment, what does it look like and how much does it cost?

It is a myth that only older people should go to a prosthodontist. Even younger people may have gaps in their teeth which need to be filled, or simply chipped teeth which require a crown. So, who should visit a Polish prosthodontist in the UK, what does the visit look like and how much does it cost - welcome to the article!

When is it a good idea to make an appointment with a prosthodontist?

A visit to a Polish prosthodontist in the UK should take place if you have already lost one tooth. Although on the surface it may be a small missing tooth, it will have serious consequences. We wrote more on this subject in the text "Missing tooth - when do you need to fill the gap left by an extracted tooth?', so if you are interested we invite you to read on.

In short, missing teeth affect facial symmetryThe missing tooth can cause malocclusion and pain. Speech may deteriorate, and inaccurate chewing (which can also be caused by missing teeth) can lead to problems with the digestive system. 

It is worth mentioning that missing teeth or toothlessness is not the only indication for visiting a Polish prosthodontist in the UK. Bite disorders and occlusal dysfunction can also be treated in a prosthodontist's office. How? Thanks to prostheses, among other things, because - as we have mentioned - many bite disorders are directly related to just missing teeth.

With prosthetic bridges, among other things, the prosthodontist (often in collaboration with an orthodontist and surgeon) is able to repair even the most complex case of bite disorder.

A prosthodontist will also help with correcting the aesthetics of your teeth and face. Wondering how he or she does this? It's very simple - he puts on veneers and crowns. When teeth are missing, the shape of the face changes. For example, when a patient is missing side teeth, the height of the lower face decreases. This adversely affects the appearance. As you can see - a Polish prosthodontist in the UK has much more to offer than fitting dentures.

Remember - dental treatment may be necessary before your first visit to the prosthodontist. When going to the practice it is worth bearing this in mind.

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Polish prosthodontist in the UK - how the visit goes

Your visit to the prosthodontist will begin with a detailed medical history. The prosthodontist will also ask about your expectations from the treatment. He or she will then assess the condition of your teeth - checking for any inflammation or periodontal disease.

An X-ray of the jaw will also be taken during the first visit. The prosthodontist may also order any other tests needed.

Subsequent visits will follow a predetermined schedule. Of course, it will depend on the prosthetic restoration but also on the condition of the patient's teeth. It can be three visits, but also several. We encourage you to read our texts: "Dentures in the UK - types and prices", "Placing veneers in the UK - contraindications, procedure and price" i "Porcelain crowns in the UK - everything you need to know". You will find out what to expect from a particular treatment.

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How much does it cost to visit a Polish prosthodontist in the UK?

As we mentioned, during your first visit to a Polish prosthodontist in the UK, you will develop a plan of action together with the specialist. This is what will determine the cost of treatment. We would like to remind you that if the treatment costs more than £350, in our office it will be possible to pay in instalments. For example, for a crown it will be £31 per month. A bridge - also £31, and for a fixed flexible denture - £58.

More about our instalment system read the article: "Teeth on credit: dental treatment on hire purchase". Remember - our instalment system is 100% secure and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA number 619628).

If you want to find out exactly what amount you can expect, contact contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions. Also check out our price list. In our practice, you can count on complete professionalism - we care about the comfort of our patients.