Skeletal dentures in the UK - indications, construction and price

Skeletal dentures in the UK - indications, construction and price

Modern prosthetics allow patients to choose from a number of solutions. One of these is the skeletal denture in the UK. This is a removable prosthetic restoration - meaning that the patient does not need the help of a dentist to remove and reinsert the denture. Each denture is made to fit the exact case.

If you'd like to find out the indications for a skeletal denture in the UK, the exact design and price, read on!

Skeletal dentures in the UK - what are the indications?

There are several indications for the fitting of a skeletal denture in the UK. For example, when a patient has a higher number of missing teeth, due to periodontal disease, for example, or even tooth decay. These need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Why? The reason is very simple. A missing tooth (or teeth) can lead to bite abnormalities. That's not all - even a single cavity can alter the correct alignment of teeth.

What's more, teeth can start to wear down much more quickly. And let's not forget that missing teeth can cause pain in the temporomandibular joints, but also changes in the jaw bone system. There are many more consequences. These include overloading of the remaining teeth, loosening of the remaining teeth, periodontal changes, headaches and even a change in the appearance of the face!

How is this possible? Missing teeth can cause the corners of the mouth to droop and the lower face to shorten.

Returning to the indications for a skeletal denture in the UK. This option can be used, for example, when it is not possible to place a prosthetic bridge (because the cavities are too far apart). However, one condition must be met - the patient must have enough of his or her own teeth to allow the framework to be fitted.

Another option is to fill the gaps with implants. This is the most permanent prosthetic restoration, but also a considerable expense. If you would like to find out more about this topic, we recommend CI our article: Dental implants in the UK - types and price.

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Skeletal dentures in the UK - construction

Standard skeletal dentures consist of two parts. The clasp, which is made of metal and holds the whole structure, and also the acrylic, which imitates the teeth. It is worth noting that there are also buckleless dentures - patients praise this solution as it looks a little more aesthetically pleasing. The clasps are replaced by clasps, sliders or telescopes. However, to fit a bracketless denture, it is necessary to crown the teeth.

The type of denture your dentist will choose during your appointment. He or she must take into account the position of the teeth, the structure of the mouth. If the patient has missing teeth at the front of the jaw, it is possible that the dentist will choose an acetal frame denture. Acetal is a plastic that is not as hard as metal, making it a better fit for the jaw.

Check out our other article and find out more about prosthetics in the UK: Dentures In The UK. Types and prices.

How do I look after my skeletal denture?

The most important thing is to clean the denture thoroughly after every meal. It is also worth paying special attention to it before going to bed. It is a myth to keep dentures in water - they should be stored in dry containers where air ventilation is possible. Regular check-ups at the dentist's office should also not be overlooked.

Skeletal dentures in the UK

Skeletal dentures in the UK - prices

The fitting of a skeletal denture in the UK at our practice is a cost in the region of £550 - £800.We encourage you to find out more about our price list. During your first visit, you will discuss possible treatment options for your smile with your prosthodontist.

You also don't have to worry about a large, one-off expense - At our practice, it is possible to spread the cost of treatment into convenient instalments. Thus, when deciding on a skeletal denture in the UK, you will pay only £46 per month (1-3 teeth) or just under £67 per month (4-14 teeth). The calculated costs are for 12, interest-free instalments.

Our instalment system is 100% secure. Most importantly - it is also regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA number: 619628). Check out our article: Teeth on credit: dental treatment on hire purchase and find out more!

We are aware that many patients do not treat their teeth in time because they are just afraid of a big expense all at once. We have decided to remedy this. Favourable instalments make a lot easier!

If you are considering dental treatment in the UK -. contact us. You will be in good hands!