Denture tooth replacement in the UK

Denture tooth replacement in the UK

As a result of decay or mechanical trauma, a tooth needs to be replaced with a denture in the UK. Is this a complicated procedure? What are the steps involved? And, last but not least, how much does it cost? Read about it in our article. 

When are dentures necessary? 

Dentures are used for missing teeth or complete toothlessness. If you have had to have your teeth removed, you can use implants (very durable, but also expensive. Read more about them: "Implants UK - everything you need to know". 

You might also just consider getting a denture. We realise that these are still associated with the artificial smile effect, but we have good news. They are now almost indistinguishable! You can read about the types of dentures and the price for each variant in our article: "Dentures in the UK - types and prices". 

dentures in the UK

Why are missing teeth so dangerous? 

Missing teeth cannot be ignored, even if they are invisible at first glance. Why? Teeth can shift, which can lead to malocclusion and dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint. They can also be more prone to periodontal disease. They are much more easily damaged and, consequently, can fall out. 

That's not all! If your mouth lacks teeth, you may have trouble breaking down food. And this can even lead to digestive disorders. Therefore, if a cavity has appeared in your denture, it is necessary to replace it. 

Denture tooth replacement in the UK - what does it look like? 

When wishing to have a tooth replaced with a denture in the UK, you will, of course, first need to make an appointment. This may be at the same clinic where you had your denture made, but if this is not an option - don't worry. You can use this service anywhere! 

The prosthetist will take a history and check exactly what happened. He or she will then prepare the prosthesis in the laboratory - he or she will attach a tooth to it - and invite the patient to a further appointment, during which the prosthesis will be fitted. And that's it! 

It is important to remember that dentures require special treatment. Read our article: "How to care for dentures? 5 basic rules" and find out what to do to enjoy it for as long as possible! 

Denture tooth replacement in the UK

How much does a denture tooth replacement cost in the UK?

Wondering if a denture tooth replacement in the UK is a significant expense? At our clinic it is £100 per tooth. You can also count on the repair of entire dentures - flexible, frame, acrylic. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the exact price list on our website. 

If you have more than one tooth to be replaced, the sum increases. We realise that certain amounts are a considerable burden on the wallet, which is why patients can take advantage of an attractive instalment system at our clinic. 

It is 100% safe and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA number 619628). For more information, see the article "Teeth on credit: dental treatment on hire purchase".

Need more information? No problem! Contact us or immediately make an appointment online make an appointment with a prosthodontist. We also invite you to follow our channel on Facebook.

Remember - oral hygiene is fundamental! 

It is worth remembering that prevention is best than cure. So take care of your teeth and remember to have regular check-ups with your dentist! Make sure you know, how to brush your teeth properly and do not omit flossing.