Flexible dentures in the UK - indications, advantages and price

Flexible dentures in the UK - indications, benefits and price

Flexible dentures are a very popular solution in the world of prosthetics. Why are patients so keen to choose them? Primarily because they are durable, effective and very comfortable. The only downside may be that they are not the cheapest. But who will be best served by a flexible denture in the UK? What other advantages does it have and, most importantly, what is its price? You will read about this below.

Flexible dentures in the UK - who should benefit?

Flexible dentures can be used by people with complete and partial edentulousness. People who are concerned about allergies, taste changes through the denture or a specific odour will be very satisfied with this solution. A flexible denture is much more comfortable. What is more, you can be sure that the denture will not break or crack.

Replacing missing teeth is a very important issue. Missing teeth can lead to many complications. We wrote more about this topic in this article: "Missing a tooth - why it can be detrimental to your health„.

Construction and types of flexible prostheses

The construction of a flexible denture is very simple. It has no metal clasps, is soft and just that - flexible. As a result, patients feel more comfortable with it and it takes them less time to get used to it.

Flexible dentures are divided into acetal, nylon and polyamide. Those available in our office are made of the latter material. They are the most durable and, as already mentioned, look the best.

Flexible dentures are also divided into partial and full dentures. In our office, you can choose options such as clear metal-free frame dentures and clear dentures. There is also a choice of brackets: also transparent as well as tooth-coloured. Each patient can choose the most suitable option. Of course, you can also count on the assistance of our prosthodontist.

Other solutions also exist (e.g. competitively priced acrylic dentures). You will read about them in this article: "Dentures in the UK - types and prices„.

The image shows a close-up view of the open mouth, showing poorly preserved teeth and severe cavities. The lower jaw is visible with remnants of yellowed teeth, severely damaged in places, and artificial fillings. The image illustrates the serious condition of the dentition requiring dental intervention.

The process of making a prosthesis

During the first two visits, the prosthodontist takes impressions of the jaw in various settings. The next is devoted to fitting and possible correction of any inconveniences.

The prosthesis should be ready for collection at your next appointment. Important note: Inform your dentist of any concerns you may have if you are not entirely comfortable with your dentures. This will ensure that your dentures fit perfectly.

Also very importantly, dental treatment may often be required before work can begin on the prosthesis itself.

Why opt for this solution?

As we have already mentioned, flexible dentures are extremely soft, so they fit perfectly into the jaw. What's more, they are virtually invisible. Another big plus is that, unlike other solutions, these are not allergenic to patients. They do not break or crack, the colour of the dentures lasts for the whole time. They do not cause discomfort.

What other advantages of flexible dentures should be mentioned? Certainly about such as the fact that flexible dentures in the UK do not need frequent intervention by a prosthodontist. Once fitted, they perform their function perfectly.

And if you look after it properly it will serve you for many years. Check out our article in which we show you how best to do this: "How to care for dentures - 5 basic rules". Remember that the sustainability of a solution will also depend on your case.

They are also smaller than other dentures, such as acrylic ones. What else do patients praise? As we mentioned earlier - the fact that flexible dentures have no smell or taste. So as you can see - it is the most comfortable solution! Are you considering dentures in the UK? Check out our article: "Prosthetic treatment in the UK - everything you need to know„.

The image shows dental instruments used in dental practice, including a denture jaw and professional dental instruments such as a periodontal probe and a dental mirror, lying next to it against a white background.

Flexible dentures in the UK - what is the price?

Prices for flexible dentures in the UK vary quite a lot. In our practice, it costs £550 - £700. You can check the exact price list at this link.

However, you don't have to have that amount of money to enjoy a full smile. At our practice you can take advantage of the instalment system. The first 12 months is zero interest rate, thus for a full flexible denture (Bredent) you will pay only £58 per month. We wrote more about the instalment system in our article "Teeth on credit: dental treatment on hire purchase".

Importantly, our system is 100% secure and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA number 619628). 

And if a flexible denture is too expensive a solution for you we recommend acrylic dentures, you can read more about them in our article "Acrylic dentures in the UK - indications, process and price".

Ideally, however, before you make a decision make yourself known to us. We have a wealth of experience to make sure we can help you.