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In our dental practice, we offer you an instalment system for medical services. Up to a 12-month APR rate is 0%. Repayments over 12 months have an APR rate of 7.9%. Check the details.

Oral surgery (valid from 11/04/2017)

(card payment accepted)

All reservations for the surgeon Dr. Karolina Maluga - Siek is subject to prepayment of £50 *.

Surgical removal of premolar/molar tooth (uncomplicated) with sutures placement and removal appointment£150
Surgical removal of the third molar tooth (sutures placement and removal included)£200
Surgical removal of impacted tooth (sutures placement and removal included)from £200
Coronectomyfrom £200
Apicectomyfrom £200
Impacted tooth exposure before orthodontic treatmentfrom £150
Gums recession coveragefrom £150
Gums treatment before prosthetic treatmentfrom £150
Frenulectomyfrom £120


Active periodontal treatment (localised) Full periodontal assessment + x-raysfrom £100
Active periodontal treatment (generalised) Full periodontal assessment + x-rays from £200
Surgical treatment of periodontal diseasefrom £200
Surgical treatment of gingival recessionfrom £250

Implant Dentistry

Initial consultation£60
Bone regenerationfrom £450
Bone augmentationfrom £120
Implant Ankylos£1700
Implant Sky£1400
Abutment Ankylos£400
Abutment Sky£300
Porcelain bonded crown on implant£500
Zirconium crown on implant£800

* Prepayment is not refundable if the visit is cancelled less than 48 hours before the planned visit. If the visit is canceled more than 48 hours before the planned visit, the deposit is returned in full.

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