Dental fluoridation in the UK - what is it and when is it worth doing?

Dental fluoridation in the UK - what is it and when is it worth doing?

If you want to take proper care of your teeth, you surely know that it is not enough just to brush every day. You should make a regular appointment every 6 months to have your teeth checked. But that's not all - it's also worth taking care of the treatments that will protect your smile. One of these is tooth fluoridation in the UK. 

What does it involve? What does the treatment look like? And when is it worth having it done? Read our article. 

What is fluoridation?

Fluoride is a chemical element supplied to our bodies through food and drink: including fish, dairy products, legumes and tea. Fluoride is also present, of course, in toothpastes and mouthwashes. 

In large quantities it can be harmful (Don't worry - you certainly can't overdo it on your own), while its deficiency leads to a number of unpleasant consequences - bone disease and just teeth! 

This is why fluoride is used in dental surgeries for treatments aimed at strengthening teeth. 

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How does fluoride affect your teeth? 

Above all, this element will make your enamel more resistant to harmful acids and bacteria. In practice, this means that your smile will be at less risk of decay. Fluoride also promotes the restoration of enamel, i.e. remineralisation. 

These are not its only advantages - Thanks to the protective barrier it creates, deposits do not adhere to the teeth and tartar builds up much less frequently! 

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Tooth fluoridation in the UK - what does the treatment look like? 

Are you worried about painful procedures at the dentist's office? We have good news - fluoridation is definitely not one of them! 

The dentist, having first cleaned your teeth, put on a special foam or gel with a high concentration of fluoride in its composition. And that's it! So if you or your little one is about to have their teeth fluoridated in the UK, you really have nothing to fear.  

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Dental fluoridation in the UK - when is it worth it? 

Tooth fluoridation in the UK is worth doing as soon as possible, such as at school age, to protect teeth from cavities. However, fluoridation is, of course, not just for children. Adults too will benefit from this treatment! So what are the indications for dental fluoridation in the UK? 

First of all, fluoridation is one of the measures The toothpaste is a preventive measure against caries. What is more, it will also protect you from such ailments as hypersensitive necks and demineralised enamel.  

If you are struggling with plaque discolouration, dental fluoridation in the UK is also for you. And also, if you wear braces, the treatment will eliminate tooth sensitivity. 

Do you regularly get rid of plaque and tartar from your teeth? Great! Fluoridation will therefore be the perfect complement, as it will significantly slow down the build-up of plaque on your smile. 

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Fluoridisation? Choose an experienced specialist! 

It's important to get your teeth fluoridated in the UK at the practice of an experienced professional. If you go to a dentist who carries out the treatment incompetently, you could even risk fluoride poisoning. What does this mean for you? Among other things, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, headaches and general weakness. 

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